Common Pool Problems and Our Solutions

At Bicasso Pools, we understand the numerous issues that pool owners can face. Whether your pool is showing signs of wear and tear or experiencing more serious structural problems, our team of experts is equipped to provide practical, effective solutions. Here, we discuss some of the common issues we handle

Osmosis Damage in Pool: Blistered and Damaged Surface


Osmosis in fibreglass pools is a condition where water penetrates the gel coat surface, forming bubbles or blisters. Over time, these blisters can burst, leading to an unsightly, rough surface. It’s caused by a combination of water pressure, temperature changes, and quality of the original manufacturing. Our team at Bicasso Pools is well-versed in treating osmosis. We drain and dry the pool, remove the affected layers, apply a high-quality sealant, and refinish the surface, restoring your pool’s beauty and extending its lifespan.

Pool Leaks: Visible Water Seepage or Dampness


Pool leaks can result from numerous factors, such as damage to the pool shell, plumbing issues, or faulty pool equipment. These leaks can lead to water loss, increased water bills, and in severe cases, structural damage. At Bicasso Pools, we employ advanced leak detection methods to locate and repair leaks efficiently. We ensure the integrity of your pool structure is preserved and that your pool remains safe for use.

Bulging Pool Floor: Area of Uneven or Raised Surface

Bulging Floor

A bulging floor in your pool can be a sign of groundwater pressure, inadequate construction methods, or soil instability. This issue not only disrupts the smoothness of your pool floor but can also lead to more significant structural problems if left untreated. We diagnose the underlying cause of the bulging, and using professional renovation techniques, we repair the floor, ensuring it is flat, secure, and safe.

Chalking in Pool: Excessive White Residue on Surface


Chalking refers to the powdery residue that forms on the pool’s surface when the gel coat or paint begins to break down. It’s often due to UV exposure, chemical imbalance, or age. Our pool resurfacing service includes removing the old, chalky layer, applying a durable new surface, and advising you on proper pool maintenance to prevent future chalking.

Cracked Pool Surface: Visible Fractures or Fissures


Cracks in your pool can occur due to ground movement, freeze-thaw cycles, or simple ageing. Besides being unsightly, cracks can lead to leaks and pose a safety risk. At Bicasso Pools, we conduct a thorough inspection, repair cracks with high-grade materials, and then resurface your pool, leaving it looking as good as new.

Blackspots in Pool: Dark or Discolored Areas


Blackspot algae are notorious for being resistant to regular chlorine treatment. They adhere strongly to pool surfaces, making your pool look unclean. Our comprehensive cleaning and renovation service ensures the removal of these stubborn blackspots. We also provide advice on maintaining balanced pool chemistry to prevent algae regrowth.


Pool liners can become worn, faded, or damaged over time due to constant water pressure, chemical exposure, and UV radiation. Damaged liners can lead to leaks and create an unpleasant swimming environment. Our team at Bicasso Pools can professionally remove old liners and replace them with new, durable, and attractive ones, significantly improving your pool’s aesthetics and function.

At Bicasso Pools, we go beyond treating the symptoms - we get to the root of the problem, ensuring long-lasting solutions. We understand that every pool, like its owner, is unique, which is why we offer personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Let us help you transform your pool and enhance your outdoor living experience. Contact us today for a quote.